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Drone Magic: The Festival of Bagpipes

  Saturday , Dec 5, 2009         4:00 PM        $15 Children free

Event Details

dronemagic09_300_01Drone Magic: 7th Annual San Francisco International Bagpipe Festival is an extraordinary anthology of international bagpipe music. A unique concert with more than ten pipers, most performing music and traditions of their own heritage.  From dark laments to fiery dance music, listen to the pipipng tradtions of Ireland, Hungary, Scotland, England, Sweden, Bulgaria, and Spain.  Savor the variety of piping traditions found around the Winter Solstice, such as St. Lucia's Day, Christmas and the New Year. Traditional food and drink will be available.

4PM  History of the Bagpipe by Sean Folsom

5:30PM Lady Pipers Concert -Tesser Call and Cathy Chilcott
Irish part: Cathy Chilcott Uilleann pipes, Leslie Jackson fiddle,Tesser Call octave mandolin.
Spanish part: Tesser Call and Cathy Chilcott gaita, Leslie Jackson drum.

7PM Concert- (order may change)
Ferenc Tobak - Hungarian duda, Croatian gajde
Bruce Maxwell - Scottish Small pipe
Hector Bizanes - Greek gaida
Banda the Gaita - Spanish gaita
Georgi Kabaivanov- Bulgarian gajda
Sean Folson - Italian zampogna
Mark Walstrom - Swedish sackpipa
Joey Abarta - Irish Uilleann pipe
Uralas- Moldavian New year celebration. All the pipers.

Ferenc Tobak. Player and maker of the Hungarian “Duda” -  Ferenc was born in Kecskemét, Hungary, into a family where music, simply put, is a part of life.  His involvement became more serious when he began playing and researching the Hungarian "Duda" in the late 1970's.  He has since become an accomplished professional musician and is recognized in Europe and the United States as one of Hungary's leading revivalist artists of traditional music. He has recorded with the finest musicians of Hungary, including Vasmalom and Márta Sebestyén with Muzsikás.  Ferenc is a published author, as well as Hungary's most respected maker of bagpipes and has won recognition and numerous awards for his excellence in instrument making. Ferenc has a deep consciousness of the importance of tradition and is driven to pass on what he can to others, particularly to his children.  He teaches not just the music, but also the awareness that his culture is special and important. 

Georgi Kabaivanov, Bulgarian “Gajda” - Georgi was born in Haskovo, Bulgaria, and was literally raised with music. His father makes bagpipes and other woodwind instruments, his brother plays a kaval (Bulgarian folk flute), and most of their friends are musicians. Georgi plays primarily on the Thracian "Kaba Gajda", made by his father. Georgi came to the United States in 1996 and has since lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. "Music for me is a hobby - the kind I can't live without". Georgi plays with Nestinari.

Mark Walstrom. Swedish “Säckpipa” - Mark has been playing the “Säckpipa” for about 20 years. Born in Wisconsin of Swedish ancestry, he fondly remembers his grandfather singing Swedish songs, and music has always been an important part of his life. Mark also plays traditional Scandinavian music, as well as a variety of folk music from other countries. He is a bagpipe historian, published author, and founding member of the Sean Reid Society, promoting the history and music of the Irish Union pipes. Mark currently resides with his family in Kensington, CA and performs occasionally with one of his daughters.

Sean Folsom's love of Scottish Bagpipes, lead him to search for this instrument, in 1969, on a tour of Scotland, Wales, & England. In 1970, Sean finally found a set, & started playing the Scots "GHB". A friend, American Banjo player Keith Nelson, who Sean had stayed with in London (in 1969), had told him about the much softer Northumbrian and Irish Bagpipes. Sean finally got these two types of Bagpipes, in 1973, on yet another trip to English "Northumberland", and also to Ireland for the first time. Since then, Sean has collected more than 50 different Bagpipes (all of which he plays) from all over Europe and the Middle East. In addition, he performs music on 2 Hurdy-Gurdies, a Barrel Organ, Flutes, Reed-Pipes, Asian Harmonicas (like the Chinese Sheng), and a host of other rich and varied instruments, in his extensive instrument collection. Sean performs for schools, festivals, and at corporate meetings; throughout the US, Canada, Europe, and a wonderful, and very memorable tour of New Zealand, in 1996.

Joey Abarta is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the most exciting young bodhrán players in Southern California. He learned much of his earliest bodhrán playing from Steve Forman of Los Angeles and much of his uilleann piping from Dublin-born Patrick D'Arcy, who now lives in Los Angeles. Joey recently performed in "A Grand Irish Variety Concert," a production of Kerry Records at the United Irish Cultural Center in San Francisco.

Hector Bezanis, makes Gaidanitzas (Chanters), Gaidas, and other types of Pipes (Zampogna, Zakopane Koza). He has made and played Middle Eastern Mizmars, Zurnas & etc. He's a master player of the gaida and many instruments.

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