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Kolo Festival

  Fri - Sat, Nov 26-27, 2010         9:00 AM        varies

Event Details

kolofestival_300For an exciting weekend of Balkan dance, music, culture and food, come to the 59th annual Kolo Festival, Nov. 26 & 27. There will be dance and music classes, review sessions, live music, culture corners, and specialty food. Dance classes will begin at 9:20AM Friday (doors open at 9:00); singing classes begin at 11. Teaching dance will be Ahmet Lüleci -- Turkish , Yuliyan Yordanov -- Bulgarian. John Filcich -- Kolos / Singing -- Eva Salina Primack and Radka & Tanya Varimezovi . Dancing and music continue from 6PM until 12PM with parties beginning with a Bulgarian Jam on Friday and a Tam Jam on Saturday. The bands will be Black Sea Surf (Turkish) Agapi mou -- (Greek) ,Helladelics -- (Greek), Varimezovi Family  with Dan Auvil - (Bulgarian). Miamon Miller, Mark Forry, Bill Cope & Friends -- (Kolos, Rumanian, Hungarian),Trio Zulum -- (Bulgarian) . Check for schedule, latest details, and more information.

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