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Drone Magic - International Bagpipe Festival

  Saturday , Mar 24, 2012         5:00 PM        $15 Children free

Event Details

drone12crop_200Drone Magic is a unique festival with bagpipe music from aound the world. For the 8th time pipers gather to perform the music and traditions of their heritage.  From dark laments to fiery dance music, listen to the piping traditions of Ireland, Spain, Bulgaria, Northumberland, Scotland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Hungary. Ethnic Bulgarian food by Hristo Kolev, and drink will be available for purchase.  Schedule: 5:00PM Videos, 6:00PM Lady pipers, 7:30PM Gala concert. Reserved tickets

Schedule of Performances
5:00 PM Videos:
David Marker: Zampogna: The Soul of Southern Italy
Ferenc Tobak: Hungarian bagpipers in Moldavia.

6:00 PM Lady pipers
Tesser Call, Cathy Chilcott and Donna Denevan

7:30 PM Gala concert
Our guest star, Aycan Yeter, who plays the tulum of the Laz people,Turkey.
Georgi Kabaivanov, Bulgarian gajda
Mark and Jennie Walstrom, Svedish sackpipa and vocal
Bruce Maxwell with a fiddler and dancer on Scottish lowland pipe
Lynne Miller, Great Higland Pipe of Scotland
Peter Heelan and Sabra Daly, Uilleann pipes and concertina
William Wakefield, Northumbrian pipe
Ferenc Tobak, Hungarian duda and Croatian gajde, Lilla Serlegi samica, Chris McHugh dance
Hector Bezanis, Greek gajda
Bruce Cochran, Kaba gajda, and the Bulgarian women choir
The Banda the Gaita
, Spanish pipeband
David Marker, Italian zampognas

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