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The Tambura Tradition - 17th SF Tamburitza Festival

  Sat - Sun, Feb 13-14, 2016         7:30 PM        Sat, 12PM - 8PM Sun

Event Details

tamfest16pc_f_300Celebrate Valentine's weekend with us. Come enjoy the music, dancing and food at the San Francisco Tamburitza festival on Febary 13 & 14.  The headlining band will be Tamburaski Sastav Ponoc (Midnight) from Pittsburg.  They are today's virtuostic, new generation of musicians and vocalists.  Members are Peter Kosovec, John Huckle, Mark Stafura, Ben Wagner, Nikola Vranesevic.  They have all performed for Duquesne University's famous Tammies.  Peter Kosovec is a well known songwriter with numerous cds to his credit.  Also performing will be Sidro Tamburitza Orchestra, Slavonian Traveling Band with Lilla Serlegi and Ferenc Tobak, St. Anthony's Tamburica Orchestra. Eszterlanc Hungarian Folk Ensemble and the Kolo Festival Band. John Morovich will teach the kolo dances.

2 Days of Music!

Feb 13th - Welcome Dance 7:30PM

Feb 14th - Concert, Kolos, Sing-aLong 12PM-8PM


Two Days of Music, Dancing and Singing at the SF Tamburitza Festival

Feb 13: Welcome Dance 7:30PM

7:00 Hristo serves food. 

7:30 John Morovich teaches kolos

8:30 Ponoc plays for dancing 

9:15 Eszterlanc Hungarian Folk Ensemble

9:30 Ponoc plays                                                     TamJam in Kafana

Feb 14: Concert, Dancing, Sing-a-long 12PM-8PM

12PM - Food ready - Danica

1:00  The Evolution of Tambura Music in Croatian Folk Dances -  Presentation by John Morovich

2:00 Ponoc - concert

3:00 Kolo Festival Band plays kolos.

3:45 Ponoc plays.

4:30 Lilla Serlegi & Ferenc Tobak

4:45 Slavonian Traveling Bands plays kolos

5:15 St Anthony Tamburica Orchestra 

6:00 Sidro                                                 Sing-a-long in the bar.   5:00 Sidro

                                                                                                        5:30 Klapa Loza

                                                                                                        6:00  Ponoc

                                                                                                        7:00  Klapa Loza

                                                                                                        7:15   Ponoc + everyone

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