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Marko Polo Festival

  Sunday , Oct 13, 1996         2:00 PM

Event Details

Sinovi Tamburitza Orchestra, Dalmacijo Singers, Slovenian Singers, Bosnian Center Dancers, Slavonian Traveling Band, Novi Stari Tamburasi


Sinovi of Chicago
About SINOVI of Chicago… It's only partially true that the SINOVI Tamburica Orchestra of Chicago, which consists of Joe and Nick Gornick, Stev...

Dalmacijo Singers
The Dalmacijo Singers, one of the groups existing under the umbrella of the Croatian American Cultural Center, have been delighting audiences since 1...

Slavonian Traveling Band
The diverse sound and repertoire of The Slavonian Traveling Band crosses all boundaries and speaks for tolerance and hope. The popular eight member en...

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