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California Kolo Festival is happenning!

  Sat - Sun, Nov 24-25, 2007         7:00 PM

Event Details


Friday night: 7 pm to midnight -- Nestinari (Bulgarian) and Yalazia (Greek and beyond) on the main floor! And live music for listening in the Kafana by Danubius (Hungarian, Romanian, etc.), Staro Vino (Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian), Deli Kanlı (Turkish)

Saturday night: Bulgarian Bitov Jam 7 to 7:30, Tamburica Jam 7:30 to 8:15, followed by Slavonian Traveling Band, Trio Zulum and Brass Menazherie till midnight! For listening in Kafana;Verna Družina (Bulgarian, Macedonian), The Brash Punks (South Balkan Brass), Lily & Lucia (Eastern European Vocals), Kaladrios (Greek, Albanian, etc.)

Great teaching: all day Friday and Saturday.

Kolo dance classes: Friday and Saturday with Steve and Susan Kotanaky, Billy Burke and John Filcich.

Singing classes: Friday (Michele Simon & Lily Storm) and Saturday (Mark Forry, 2 classes).

Bring your instruments and come play in the Bulgarian Bitov and Tamburica Jams 7-8:15PM Saturday night.

For detailed information about schedule check out the Kolo Festival Website Registration opens at 9:15AM

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