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7th Annual San Francisco Tamburitza Festival

  Saturday , Feb 18, 2006         1:30 PM        $15, Children free

Event Details

San Francisco Tamburitza Festival 2006
February 18, 2005 1PM - 12PM Welcome Dance, workshops, and Performances
February 19, 2005 1:PM - 8PM. Concert and festivities.

In the past decade the Croatian American Cultural Center has annually showcased the best tamburitza* music in California and presented nationally renowned tamburitza orchestras.

On President's Day weekend each February; the Center is filled with singing, dancing, and the music of the tamburitza. For two days the hall reverberates with a rich tapestry of tambura music both traditional and contemporary. The ensembles perform for listening, play dance tunes, polkas and waltzes and circle dances, and sing Becar tunes until the bar closes late at night.

This year's headliner is Sinovi Tamburitza Orchestra from Chicago. Also performing are Sidro Tamburitza Orchestra, Westwind International Dance Ensemble, Eszterlanc Hungarian Dance Ensemble, Slavonian Traveling Band, and Novi Stari Tamburasi with the Dalmacijo Singers.

Historical Exhibits. View historic photos of SF Bay Area bands. See exhibit of tamburitza instruments. Enjoy films and videos about little-known tamburitza festivals in the old country.


Music & Singing Workshops

1:30PM John Filcich, Founder of SF Kolo Festival
--"Hrvacko" from Rijeka (newly collected dance)
---dances from band's repertoire
3:00PM Norma Adjmi, Artistic Director & Lorraine Mann, Choral Director - Westwind Dance Ensemble
---dances from the Pannonian plains
---Moja Diridika
---A Oj Rano Rance
4:30PM Maria Kesovija, Artistic Director Vela Luka Croatian Dance Ensemble
---dances of Baranja: 1) kolo 2) jabucice 3) rance

Singing and Music:
1:00PM Maria Kesovija, Artistic Director-Vela Luka Croatian Dance Ensemble
---Jelica vezuje
---alaj fino.... baranjsko vino
2:00PM TBD
3:00PM Sinovi - Tamburitza Chicago style
We’re going to talk about tambura groups in Chicago and those that influenced our music in some way. Our plan is to do some of their trademark songs and describe their style and explain their uniqueness. At the end, we’ll tie it together with one of our own songs the way we do it and hopefully be able to demonstrate how we have brought to our group a little bit of each of these groups in developing our own unique sound. e.g., Star Serenaders, Muselin Continentals, Sloboda, Popovich Brothers, Dunav, Milan Opacich/Drina, Marty Kapugi/Sar Planina, Nick Skertich/Veseljaci, Plavi Vjetar, Rukavina Brothers, Krilich Brothers, Franciskovich Brothers, Jadran, Orao, etc. Part of our presentation will include not only how these bands differed from each other, but also how even over the span of 30 years or so the styles and sounds of tambura music in Chicago changed significantly.

4:00PM Caroline Bahr, new songs from tamburitza festivals Croatia
---Hvala ti mama
---Otvor' ženo kapiju
---Dok nas nebu

5:00PM Berde Bass - John & Joe Gornick-Sinovi & Jon Ryshpan-Slavonian Traveling Band.

6:30PM From fathers to son in tamburitza music
7:30PM Tamburitza Jam (Tam Jam)
Bring your tamburitza and music stands out to the center of the main hall and join the jam. This will be the second jam in SF in the past 4 months! A list of well known tunes and dances has been circulating with the keys. We have them collected with a bunch of other tunes in the BYOTO (Bring Your Own Tamburitza Orchestra) music books that you can borrow for the night.
Tam Jam Songs & Keys
1. Posavski Drmes - G and D 2. Setnja - D 3. Drmes iz Zdencine - G and D 4. Seljancica - C and G 5. Spavaj Mi Ancice - D 6. Ajde Jano - A minor 7. Cujes Mala - G and D 8. Kalendara - G and A 9. Krici, Krici, Ticek - G, D, and A 10. Sarajevka - Bb major and C 11. Vranjanka - G minor and D 12. Uzicko - D and G 13. Bolujem Ja (waltz) - G minor 14. Moja diridika - G

8:00PM Welcome Dance. Sinovi and Ed's Polka Dots play for dancing. Westwind performs. Food Available from 5PM by the item.

Schedule for Sunday:
1:00PM Tamburitza music in America - special panel discussion.
2:00PM Concert
Sinovi, Sidro, Dalmacijo Singers and Novi Stari Tamburasi, Slavonian Traveling Band, Eszterlanc Hungarian Dance Ensemble.

5PM Dancing
Sinovi plays for dancing in main hall. Then Sinovi moves into the bar to play. .

5PM Sing & Play-a-long
Novi Stari Tamburasi, Sidro, and Sinovi play in the bar for sing-a-long.


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