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Sts. Kiril & Methody Bulgarian Cultural Festival

  Sunday , May 21, 2006         2:30 PM        $15, Children free

Event Details

The Bulgarian community gathers at the Croatian American Cultural Center to celebrate their culture, and honor the Saints Kiril & Metody. There is Bulgarian music, dancing and delicious samples of Bulgarian food and wine. Bulgarian chef George Hristof will offer traditional dishers at 4PM; Karnaceta kebapceta, Ruska salata, Bean salad, Tutmanik, Pita banitza, and Bulgarian baklava.

It is a day of appreciation for all art, science and knowledge.There are garlands of flowers woven by children, and bread is shared with all. Artists from neighboring cultures are invited to join.

This year there will be a special ceremony commemorating the arrival of the Golden Icon of Sts Kiril & Methody, a special gift from the graduate artists of the Akademy of Art in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. A concert, party and jam session will follow with Edesa, Nestinari, Zaedno, Dalmacijo Verna Drujina, Top Dog Run and more.


Musicians warm up and jam session. Small hall.

Fundamentals of Bulgarian dance (Dunavsko horo, Eleno mome, pravo, lesno, krivo). For beginner dancers. Large hall.
On going slides about Koprivštica and Bulgaria. Small hall.

Introduction to Festival. Tanya Kostova
Talk by Professor Ronelle Alexander, Head of UC Berkeley, Department of Slavic Languages and Literature. Large hall
Ongoing exhibit about the journey of the golden icon of Sts Kiril and Methody from Plovdiv, Bulgarian to the festival in San Francisco. Small hall

Classical music performed by Bulgarian artists.

Bulgarian Music - Large hall.
Verna Drujina
Students from Sonoma Academy & Summerfield Waldorf School sing and play Bulgarian music
Dalmacijo Singers
Children's workshop (garland weaving, horo dance, history of Sts Kiril & Methody festival) - Small hall.

Icon procession. Blessing of the festival. "Za mnogaja leta" Hymn to Sts Kiril and Methody

Followed by Bulgarian music, dancing and performances.
Nestinari, Verna Drujina, Zaedno, Genetti con Fedtti, Edessa, and soloists

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