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San Francisco Kolo Festival

  Fri - Sat, Nov 24-25, 2006         9:00 AM

Event Details

The SF Kolo Festival will be held for first time at the Croatian American Cultural Center. Yves Moreau, Suzanne Rocca-Butler, John Filcich, and John Morovich will teach kolos and music. There will be dancing, performances, and a kafana. Bands include Chubritza,Zefir,Trio Zulum, Slavonian Traveling Band, Bizim Mahalle, Smyrna Time Machine, Genetti con Fetti, The Swede Hearts, The Brash Punks, Naomi Zamir & friends.

Yves Moreau was born in Montreal, Quebec. He was twelve years old when he was first introduced to International folk dancing, and he quickly became fascinated with Balkan music and dance through privileged contacts with such knowledgeable folklorists as Dennis Boxell, Michel Cartier and Dick Crum. he traveled to Bulgaria almost annuallly between 1966 and 1986 to research dance and to record music in all regions of the country. His assoication with Dennis Boxell brought him to Seattle in 1967, where he spent a year co-directing the KOLEDA ensemble. In 1967, he assisted Dennis with his teaching at the folk dance camp in Stockton, CA. It is there that he met John Filcich, who invited hm as guest teacher to the 1967 San Francisco Kolo Festival, where Yves made his first appearance as a Balkan specialist. In 1968, Yves taught in several west coast cities and with the AMAN Folk Ensemble in Los Angeles, CA. In 1968, Yves introduced the famous Dobrudanska Paka, a Bulgarian women's dance, as well as many others such as Pinosavka, Gjusevska racenica, Cetvorno horo, Dospatsko, Bicak, Sandansko horo, Vlasko horo, Vidinsko horo to name a few.

John Morovich, born in 1965, grew up in Seattle's sizable Croatian community. Since 1973 he has studied, taught and performed traditional music and dance of Croatia and othe parts of south-eastern Europe. He was awarded the prestigious Washinton State Arts Commission Folk Arts Fellowhip for 201. He is currently the artistic director of the Seattle Junior Tamburitzans, a 50-member youth ensemble with which he was a performer from 1974 to 1987. He is conductor and arranger for Jele Croatian Women's Choir of Vancouver, B.C. John is a master of aspects of Croatian music - singing, dancing, and playing all five of the Tamburitza instruments, the piano accordion, Slovene chromatic accordion and the nearly extinct stringed Samica and Dangubica. He first learned traditioan Croatian musical traditions from his grandparents, expecially his paternal grandmother Ana (nee Branica) Morovich. With her he learned the dialect and songs of her native island, Zlarin, in the Adriatic Sea Region known as Dalmatia.

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