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Senko Rendulic

  Friday , Aug 26, 2005         8:00 PM        $10, Children & Students free

Event Details

Senko Rendulic performs songs from "Nostalgija", his first CD. He will lead you on a journey through loss, longing and hope with his guitar as your guide. A native of Bosnia, Senko has collaborated with both Bosnian and American friends here in San Francisco to create a collection of original songs

"Nostalgija" represents many years worth of saved inspirations for melodies, most of which come from rock, blues and folk-style ballads. And though these melodies might not reflect a traditional Balkan folk sound, many of the lyrics express the Balkan experience as more and more of us have come to understand it. Some songs address love and longing for a past that can never be retrieved or relived. Other songs directly confront the truth of the present without bothering to linger too long in the past.

Senko Rendulic is a native of Banja Luka, in the Krajina (northwest) region of Bosnia. His love of the guitar began when he was a teenager in the late 1960's listening to the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, and many other British and American bands whose music was as popular in the former Yugoslavia as it was elsewhere in the world. Besides greatly influencing his guitar technique, these songs were an early introduction to the English language, long before Senko ever imagined that he would need to speak English! He moved to San Francisco in August of 1995, where one of his first encounters with a friendly American happened to be with John Daley of Berkeley, who presented Senko with a guitar and an invitation to play with the Slavonian Traveling Band. This he did for several years, contributing his native familiarity with sevdalinka, kolo, Rom rhythms to the group.

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