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International Roma Day

  Friday , Apr 8, 2005         7:00 PM

Event Details

Come celebrate Friday, April 8, 2005 in San Francisco for concert and dance party to honor International Roma Day.

Dance, story telling performances, and bands include: Nadia Hava Robbins - Romani activist, dancer and story teller. Dance Magreb - Al-Andalusian. Dance Shuvani - Middle-Eastern & Turkish Traditional Romani Dances. Shuvani will be performing four group dances from the Romani Trail: Rajasthani Kalbeliya, Turkish Romani, Egyptian Ghawazee, and Spanish Flamenco Life Dance Theater - Persian Dance. Slavonian Traveling band - the diverse sound and repertoire of the Slavonian Traveling Band crosses all boundaries and speaks for tolerance and hope. The band blends traditional Bosnian, Sephardic, Roma (Gypsy), Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian music with original songs in the American folk tradition. Sali Rumen Shopov plays with with Edessa - Traditional Romani Music. Rumen Shopov is a multi-talented Rom (Gypsy) musician from Gotse Delchev, Pirin, Bulgaria. He sings in three languages and plays Bulgarian tambura and Greek bouzouki as well as a number of modern and traditional drums. His styles include traditional Bulgarian (especially Bulgarian-Macedonian), Romany (Gypsy), Greek, and Turkish musics.

Authentic Romani Dinner available

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