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Dragi Spasovski, Macedonian Songs

  Friday , Feb 27, 2009         8:00 PM        $15 Children free

Event Details

macedonianbagpipeDragi Spasovski & The Mehanatones

An Evening of Traditional Macedonian Song and Dance featuring famed Macedonian singer, Dragi Spasovski who was born in the small village of Studena Bara, near Kumanovo, 25 km from Skopje.
He will be accompanied by the Mehanatones.
The Mehanatones:
Bill Cope - oud, gajda, tambura & accordion
Pat Mac Swyney - kaval, ney & trumpet
Brian Fox - tambura & electric baritone guitar
Dan Auvil - tupan, darabuka & dajre
with Special Guest: David Bilides - kaval & tambura

Food available from 6PM by Hristo Kolev.

For those who would like to know, but don't yet:
mehana = a place to relax, eat, drink, sing, make music
mehanatones = the band to transport you -- at least virtually -- to that place.

gajda = bagpipe
oud = short-necked, fretless lute
tambura = long-necked, two-course fretted lute
kaval & ney = end-blown flutes
tupan, darabuka & daire = large two-headed drum, hand drum & frame drum, respectively
accordion = I think everyone knows this one -- play one, go to jail
trumpet = and everyone knows this one -- no idea why no one goes to jail for playing it!


Dragi Spasovski
Dragi Spasovski was born in the small village of Studena Bara, near Kumanovo, only 25 km from Skopje.  His family moved to Skopje when he was 4, ...

The MEHANATONES! perform urban and village dance music from the Balkans & Anatolia. Like the working Chalgia orchestras of the last century, we pe...

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